Decorate your meeting room with TOA Conference Systems

toa conference systems

Olefins Trade Corporation providing highest qualities of TOA Conference system for sale in Bangladesh. Our TOA conference system for sale offer brought from one of the world’s most reputed electronics devices provider TOA Corporation from Japan, well known for their high quality electronic devices. Specification of  Conference Systems TOA Conference system are important part of meetings, conferences, seminars now. […]

Quality Eyewash for Industry in BD

quality eyewash bd

We Olefins Trade Corporation brought high quality eyewash for sell. Our Eyewash for sale offer is to provide safety of eyes to your employees and workers and to reduce the eye injury related medical leave and medical expenses. Why quality eyewash is considerable? Eyewash station is an important safety tool of modern working place. The […]

Spill Containment for Industry hazard materials

hazard material

It is a day to day routine of industries to move and dispose of hazard materials. These materials are highly unhygienic. To understand the need of industries in Bangladesh, Olefins Trade Corporation offers reliable and quality spill containment which fit in container irrespective of size or shape of it. These products are meeting the standards […]

Portable safety shower to remove chemical contaminants

portable safety shower

Portable Safety shower is generally used to wash off hazardous chemicals that may be splashed on the skin. Large volumes of water supply are required to wash away contaminants. It is also very useful to wash contaminated cloth. Portable safety shower with combination units can also be used for extinguishing clothing fires.   Features of […]

Ceiling speaker suppliers in Bangladesh

toa Ceiling speaker

In industrial units, the speakers allow management to make announcement for workers. However, it is impossible to place a large speaker inside every room, office and working areas. To understand this need, Olefins Trade Corporation offers you powerful integrated with resin panel ceiling speakers. These speakers are small in sizes and very light weighted.   […]

Considerations for installing Emergency Eye Wash station

emergency eye wash station

Eye wash apparatus is used to rinsing of the eye a tolerable water flow to protect it from chemical flesh or any other contaminated substance. Emergency eyewash is designed to deliver fluid to both eyes simultaneously. Water flow should not be speedy which may injure the eyes. Emergency eye wash station can provides relief to […]

Power Amplifier performance measure and some common distortion

power amplifier distortion

Power amplifier is an electronic device that enlarges the power of a signal by increasing the electric current. It can boost the sound many times before feeding it into the loudspeaker. Amplifiers are used in wireless communications and broadcasting, and in audio equipment of all kinds. Amplifiers are mainly of two types, weak-signal amplifiers and […]

Conference System to redesign your meeting Room

TOA Conference System

Public Address System (PA system) is an electronic sound distribution system that amplifies voice for large number of audiences’. AP system consists of a microphone to speak, an amplifier to pass the voice to audience and one or more loudspeakers to address the public. Sound is amplified as required to address the desired audience. PA […]

Safety assurance in Bangladesh’s RMG sector

Garments Safety assurance

Safety assurance within the factory is very important in ready made garment (RMG) sector. Many international brands attach great importance on compliance of sufficient safety assurance to determine the worthiness of RMG factory as a business partner. Beside this some international brand conduct audit and inspection on a regular basis. Because safety assurance remarkably increase […]

Worker safety in Bangladesh’s readymade garment (RMG) industry

rmg safety product

Compliance with health and safety standards is an important issue. Worker safety is very important in readymade garment (RMG) industry. Especially in Bangladesh, garment industry always suffering several devastating accident. Fire is a common problem in readymade garment industry. Bangladesh has more than 4,500 RMG factories that employed more than four million workers. The reason […]