Quality Eyewash for Industry in BD

quality eyewash bd

We Olefins Trade Corporation brought high quality eyewash for sell. Our Eyewash for sale offer is to provide safety of eyes to your employees and workers and to reduce the eye injury related medical leave and medical expenses.

Why quality eyewash is considerable?

Eyewash station is an important safety tool of modern working place. The places, where eyes of workers are often faces eye injuries or in risk of facing injuries can take our offer of eyewash for sell. Working places where workers have to work with chemicals or works like woodworking, or working with dust or even plantingcan be dangerous for eyes because of danger of pollen. In case of chemicals, it can cause long term harm to eye and even cause one to loose eye sight if there is no immediate treatment. Unlike other injuries like an impact or abrasion, chemicals injuries don’t over in an instant. Theycause burning until the substance is removed from eye. Immediate wash can save eyes from long term injuries. Check our high quality eyewash here

Every year eye injuries cause huge loss for the companies. But safety of eyes is over-looked in many countries like ours. Eye injuries not only cause worker to leave for a long time, but it also add costs of medical expenses. But instant measurement can save huge amount of this types of loss. Therefor ANSI already developed emergency eyewash safety standards to ensure safety of workers working in place needed instant eyewash treatment. ANSI standard requires emergency Eyewash stations at 10 second work form the workplace for the worker and the Eyewash station must have enough safety water for washing the eye at least for 15 minutes.

This is why our quality Eyewash for sale offers providing you with sink like primary eyewash stations. You can buy this primary eyewash stations from eyewash for sale offer and can place them in your workplace. If your work place has many workers and works are in high risk of injuries of eyes, then you can buy many eyewash stations from our quality Eyewash for sale offer. You can place these stations near to your workers working place so that your workers can reach to them within 10 seconds and can use them easily for safety. Our Eyewash can save your workers from serious eye injuries and can reduce your medical expenses and save you from unavailability of workers due to eye injuries.

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