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TOA Conference System

Public Address System (PA system) is an electronic sound distribution system that amplifies voice for large number of audiences’. AP system consists of a microphone to speak, an amplifier to pass the voice to audience and one or more loudspeakers to address the public. Sound is amplified as required to address the desired audience. PA system is very common in railway station to announce movement of train. A conference room without a PA system cannot conduct meaningful meeting. To ensure clear sound for efficient and effective conferences you must need a good PA system.

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We provide world best Conference System:

The basic requirements to install a PA system in a conference room are one Chairman Unit, one secretary unit, delegate units as required, central amplifier with connecting chords and one or more loudspeaker. Central amplifier connects conference system consisting of chairman, secretary and delegate units. In every microphone there are talk button to activate the microphone. Delegates in the meeting can deactivate microphone pushing the talk button to avoid unexpected howling. It is possible to record by connecting an alternating recording device in the central amplifier. Certainly every unit has its own recording output option.


Chairman unit with priority function:

Chairman unit is specially designed for chairperson presiding over the meeting. It consists of built‐in loudspeaker and highly sensitive condenser microphone. There is a priority switch on the chairman unit to draw attention of all participants. When Chairman Press priority switch all active microphones will get muted and a signal tone chime in all built in microphone to have their attention. In this period no one can talk, only chairman voice is heard.


Secretary unit:

In PA system secretary unit play a vital role for conducting a meeting. This unit enables secretary to events to record and take notes of the meeting. This unit is equipped with replay option to present the pre-recorded messages of delegates if required.


Delegate unit:

Delegate units are like chairman unit. Only exception, there is no priority switch provided with this unit. If a delegate unit keeps ON without making speech in to it, the microphone is automatically got switched off after approximately 75 seconds.


TS- 780 Series system orientation:

It’s very simple Plug and Play System that can connect up to 64 units into a single Central Unit.  Certainly this system can be expandable to 192 units by connecting 3 Central Units. ST-780 is reliable for clear sound and effective communication through ensuring verified connections. External equalizing capability makes the voice amplification more meaningful.   It allows user to record the meeting on SD card or external recording device. Lucrative compact design makes the speaker feel delightful during meeting time. TS-780 is equipped with a MP3 recorder. Check the product page for More model


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