KENWOOD Walkie Talkie

Kenwood TK-3107 BD

KENWOOD Walkie Talkie is best selling walkie talkie in Bangladesh. We sale Kenwood Walkie talkie with best price. We have KENWOOD TK-3207G and Kenwood TK-3107. Ee provide Kenwood products and engineering expertise throughout Dhaka,Chittagong, Sylhet  , Rajshahi and other area please call our hotline to know more details 01979-300940. Kenwood offers a wide variety of […]

ওয়াকিটকি দরদাম ও ওয়াকিটকি লাইসেন্স

বাংলাদেশে বিভিন্ন দামে ওয়াকি টকি পাওয়া যায়, বিশেষ করে মটোরলা, বাউফেং, কেনউড, আইকম, এয়ারকম এইগুলো সর্বাধিক জনপ্রিয়। মটোরলা ওয়াকি টকির দাম সব চেয়ে বেশী অন্যগুলোর চেয়ে। এছাড়াও বিভিন্ন সুবিধার উপর ভিত্তি করে দামের তারতম্য হয়। তবে বাংলাদেশের ওয়াকিটকি মার্কেটে বেশীর ভাগ নকল পন্য পাওয়া যায়।   নকল ওয়াকি টকি থেকে সাবধানঃ ভেজাল বিরোধী অভিযানে দেশে […]

Motorola GP-328 Two Way Radio

The GP328 is the practical Two-Way radio solution for professionals who need to stay in contact. This practical radio increases productivity by streamlining your radio use. Buy Motorola GP 328 With Best price original quality. Two-Way radio from Motorola. Each radio has a powerful speaker to ensure clear communication. World top sale brand walkie talkie is […]

Motoplus Walkie Talkie TC688

Motoplus Walkie Talkie TC688

MOTOPLUS Walkie Talkie Model: TC-688 Motoplus TC 688 is available, We are professional supplier of walkie talkie in Bangladesh market. We are importer, supplier Walkie talkie in Bangladesh. Our product is best price which are high quality transceiver that are simple, user friendly and most suitable for Public. We are welcome you to contact us, […]

Motorola Walkie Talkie Price in Bangladesh

motorola walkie talkie price in Bangladesh

We, 90’s kid have a nostalgic relation with Walkie-Talkie. With the advancement of the Smartphone, the Walkie-Talkie has lost its appeal to new generation kids. The Walkie-Talkie is introduced so that people in short distance can contact with each other. As the technology advance, the Walkie-Talkie has also improved in many ways. The professional usage […]

Kirisun Walkie Talkie Price in Bangladesh

Kirisun  Walkie Talkie price in Bangladesh is a cost-effective radio featuring offer owns various kinds of analog products which can meet customers’ different demands. Somebody asks for the following model: Kirisun pt260, Kirisun dp405, Kirisun pt3600, Kirisun pt568, Kirisun pt dmr. read this article. you will get a clear idea and also you will know what model is perfect for […]

IP Based Access Control Systems in Bangladesh

Actually, IP based access control framework includes an electronic access controller that is particularly designed for controlling the entry and exit to and from a confined area and also to identify the users precisely. A controller of this kind is fit for supporting multiple (up to 4) basic access control readers. What is IP Based […]

Walkie Talkie Market Size 2018 – 2023

The “Global Walkie Talkie Market Analysis Report 2018” is an inescapable research study, which gives current and latest technical and budgetary points of interest of the walkie-talkie industry, that would enable you to maintain your business all the more successfully. The report presents vital market information, for example, key market trends, walkie-talkie business development factors, […]