Spill Containment for Industry hazard materials

hazard materials

It is a day to day routine of industries to move and dispose of hazard materials. These materials are highly unhygienic. To understand the need of industries in Bangladesh, Olefins Trade Corporation offers reliable and quality spill containment which fit in container irrespective of size or shape of it. These products are meeting the standards of EPA40 CFR 264.175, SPCC and NPDES regulations which ensure quality of it.

Why hazard materials are dangerous?

Because of strict environment regulations, the businesses facing increasing challenges handling and transport of hazard material safely. These highly toxic chemicals are dangerous for the human health. We are considering all these problem and issues which can make legal trouble for businesses. For these reasons, Olefins are presenting you the spill container of Enpac in Bangladesh. It is world’s leading and renowned manufacturer and supplier of spill prevention and containment products with over 20 years of experience in this field. We have chosen Enpac because they offer smarter, stronger, reliable and safer products. The outer layer is made from virgin polyethylene which protects the material from the Ultra Violet rays. This protection makes it more durability and strengthens the body of container.

Additionally, our products are best suited for small or large needs. Although these products have capacity of containing 55 gallons of drums with ease but because of perfectly designed shape these large spills containment can fit rightly in your containers. The load bearing capacity is almost 600 lbs. /273 kg and Sump Capacity is 80gal. / 303kg which means you can comfortably move large amount of material. Containments can accommodate 2 cylinders of about 12’’ in diameter. You can also place 300 SCF industrial gas cylinders and No. 5 acetylenes cylinders. So our products are BEST for every industry of Bangladesh.

Below is the detail and specification of every product. You can review thoroughly and determine which spill prevention containment is perfectly matching your requirements. However, if you are confused and cannot decide, then feel free to contact with our customer service center. Call us at our given numbers and we will assist you on immediate basis.