Safety assurance in Bangladesh’s RMG sector

Garments Safety assurance

Safety assurance within the factory is very important in ready made garment (RMG) sector. Many international brands attach great importance on compliance of sufficient safety assurance to determine the worthiness of RMG factory as a business partner. Beside this some international brand conduct audit and inspection on a regular basis. Because safety assurance remarkably increase the productivity of employee.

Garments Safety assurance

Bangladesh’s RMG sector have a comparative advantage over the other competing continues due to its cheap labor cost. For this chief labor cost the RMG sector is account for a major contribution in Bangladesh’s economy. But unfortunately the backbone of this economic growth is garments worker, who are still neglected in terms of their safety assurance and compensation. For this lack of safety assurance the worst devastating accident happened in Bangladesh on November 24, 2012 in Tazreen Fashions factory. We’ve lost 112 lives there. Five month later Rana Plaza collapsed where 1,131 workers died and injuring hundreds. Both of these accidents are due to neglecting of factory management.

Here are some recommended safety assurances of RMG industry:

  1. Alternative exit passage: It is very important to ensure one or two emergency exits separated by clear direction. A second stair, balcony or flat roof which enables a person to reach a place of safety.
  2. Ventilation system: Adequate ventilation in the factory building is essential for removal of contaminants that are emitted from production process and the maintenance of acceptable thermal conditions for occupants and equipment. In addition to ventilation systems, most factories installed circulating fans.
  3. Lighting arrangement: Factory lighting may have a great impact on worker safety and productivity. In the factory require different types of lighting depending on the task or particular machinery being used. Certain types of tasks may require greater lighting than others. Lighting provided should be sufficient to prevent accidents and as production area deserves.
  4. Exposure to chemicals: Workers in the garment industry are exposed to a number of chemicals for dyeing, painting, printing and finishing. Studies have revealed links between chemical and lung cancer as well as to brain cancer. In the long run, exposure to might be very dangerous for health. Chemicals exposure with skin as well as inhalation can lead to several serious health problems. Thus sufficient safety measures should be taken by providing workers safety shoe, boiler suits, hand gloves, mask etc.
  5. Exposure to noise: In the production areas high levels of noise always observed. Long run exposure to high noise levels lead to damage the workers’ eardrum and cause hearing problem. Lack of regular maintenance of machinery is account for this noise. That’s why an effective central PA system is very important to convey message to workers in case of fire or any other danger occurs.
  6. Public Address System (PA system): Through a PA System safety assurance can be ensured. Because any announcement or fire alarm can be conveyed by this PA System. PA system is actually a complete chain of sound system with microphone to speak, amplifier to enlarge sound and loud speakers to pass the message to the audience.
  7. CCTV Cameras: For a complete safety assurance installing CCTV camera is very important to have a close monitor on the production floor. Through CCTV camera most of the time it is possible to track the unexpected accident. That’s why to sophisticate your factory; you must set the CCTV camera.
  8. Exposure to dusts: The exposure to dust is a common problem in the production floor from material such as silk, wool, cotton, flax, sisal, hemp, and jute. During spinning, weaving, cutting, ginning and packaging generate huge amount of dust. Several diseases occur from this dust like nasal or bladder cancer. So safety assurance needs to ensure in this respect.
  9. Emergency Safety Shower: Emergency safety shower is very essential for those workers who work with hazardous chemical and dying materials. It fleshes the full body of injured workers by chemical splash.
  10. Accidents in the production floor: The production floor has many hazards that can cause injury to workers. These unexpected may arise from transport within the workplace (lift truck), moving large work equipment and plant, the risk of slips from a wet floor etc. In the production floor moving machinery parts and vehicles are the main cause of injury. So management of factory need to address this safety assurance.

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