Considerations for installing Emergency Eye Wash station

Eye wash apparatus is used to rinsing of the eye a tolerable water flow to protect it from chemical flesh or any other contaminated substance. Emergency eyewash is designed to deliver fluid to both eyes simultaneously. Water flow should not be speedy which may injure the eyes. Emergency eye wash station can provides relief to the painful side effects of sensitivity or permanent disability. In every industry it is very common to use several chemical and other many dangerous materials for production operation. This chemical objects are very harmful for workers’ physical health and sometimes it may causes the permanent disability. Through an Emergency eye wash station it is easy to physically wash the affected eye, which might be the primary treatment before going to doctor.  Because prolonged usage of eye wash will cause mild side effects, such as reddening of eye, pupil and itchiness. Affected eye must be flushed immediately and thoroughly for at least 15 minutes with clean water.

emergency eye wash station

Why emergency eye wash station is so important for industry?

The first 10 to 15 seconds after exposure to chemical or hazardous substance are very crucial time. Eye is very sensitive that require immediate wash and treatment. Delaying treatment even for a short while may cause serious injury or even permanent vision problem.


Emergency eye wash station and safety shower provides on-the-spot cleansing. It allows injured worker to flush away eye and body from hazardous substance and chemical that cause injury.


Accidental chemical exposures are very common in the factory after taking all safety control measures.  Though every factory essential provides goggles, face shields and other protective equipment, emergency eye wash station are a necessary to minimize the cost of accidents.


However emergency eye wash station is necessary in the factory to comply the safety issue of law as well as foreign buyer requirements.

Where should the emergency eye wash station install?

To make the emergency eye wash station truly meaningful the equipment should be easily accessible. It is recommended that a person must be able to reach the equipment within 10 seconds. However recommended “10 seconds” may be modified depending on the potential impact of chemical used. Where a highly acidic chemical is used, an emergency eye wash station must be required within 3-6 meters (10-20 ft) from the hazard. This station should be installed so as to become free from corrosive chemicals used nearby.


The emergency eye wash station should be clearly identified with a highly visible sign. The sign must be in the form that does not require workers to read it. The location should be comfortable to for emergency wash.


Some other recommendations for installing an emergency eye wash station in the factory:

  • It should be installed as close to the hazard as possible.
  • It should not be separated by any partition from the hazard area to eye wash station.
  • Passage must be open between the workstation and the hazard. Avoid doorways through machinery to reach there.
  • It must be located in an area where workers can easily see them, preferably near crowded area.
  • Certainly it must be on the same floor where the hazard may occur.
  • Install it near an emergency exit where it is possible for emergency personnel (Doctor) to reach the victim easily.
  • Placed it in an area where further contamination will not occur.
  • Ensure proper drainage system for the excess water to sewage.
  • Place it far away from electrical equipment that may create further hazard due to wet.