Portable safety shower to remove chemical contaminants

portable safety shower

Portable Safety shower is generally used to wash off hazardous chemicals that may be splashed on the skin. Large volumes of water supply are required to wash away contaminants. It is also very useful to wash contaminated cloth. Portable safety shower with combination units can also be used for extinguishing clothing fires.


Decontamination Units portable safety shower

Features of portable safety shower

Portable Safety Shower is designed to rapidly remove contaminants from the body with a deluge of flushing fresh water or some other fluid. The shower head features with an impeller that creates swirling on the flushing fluid to ensure whole body coverage. The shower head provides large volume flushing fluid to spread it in a precise pattern. It also controlled flushing fluid flow rate.


The first 10-15 seconds after exposure to chemical splash or corrosive substance is very critical time. Delaying for a few seconds to treat may causes major injury or even permanent unrecoverable loss. So where hazardous substances are present, specialized portable safety shower and eyewash equipment is must to address the higher risks.


Recommended flushing time for splashed by the following substances:

Sulphuric acid:                       at least 15 min

Hydrochloric acid:       at least 15 min

Ammonia:                   solution 15-30 min

Sodium hydroxide:       15-30 min

Caustic soda:                4-6 hours


During chemical splash use nearest portable safety shower without making any delay. Keep continue flushing the skin or affected area for a minimum of 15 minutes and remove contaminated clothing. Ask for help to flushing the affected area and removal of clothing. Quickly take an expert’s consultancy if any further first aid require. Incase of major injury seek medical attention following flushing of the affected area.


Applications of a portable safety shower:

Portable safety shower is essential in all factories that have potential chemical hazard or those using chemicals which may cause skin or when required by regulation:


  1. Portable safety shower is required to provide an immediate decontamination from an exposure to chemical hazard. Portable safety shower can also be used to effectively extinguish clothing fires and flush contaminants off clothing.
  2. Portable safety shower is required in the factory or laboratory where following types of chemicals are used:
  3. Corrosives, including acids and caustic.
  4. Strong irritants that cause inflammatory effects at point of contact.
  5. Toxic chemicals that can be absorbed through the skin and cause ill health effects.
  6. Portable safety shower is required in biological laboratories that use chemicals or infectious biological agents for several scientific purposes.
  7. In the factory where chemical transfer or mixing take place, including laboratory support spaces and mechanical room.
  8. Portable safety shower should also be installed where several harmful particulate is common that can injure the eyes as well as body skin.
  9. Portable safety shower is required if there is a possibility for substantial portions of the body to come into contact with chemicals. This situation might be where the container size is greater than 1 gallon and chemical transfer, mixing, or spraying takes place. Safety measures like aprons and gloves, does not substitute the portable safety shower requirement.
  10. Areas with closed systems, that can catastrophically fail and cause the chemicals to leak including the power plant, chemical supplier’s shops, and mechanical rooms.
  11. Areas where there is a potential for the eyes as well a body to be exposed to physical hazards such as chips or dust from sanding or grinding processes including shops and mechanical spaces.

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