Decorate your meeting room  with TOA Conference Systems

Olefins Trade Corporation providing highest qualities of TOA Conference system for sale in Bangladesh. Our TOA conference system for sale offer brought from one of the world’s most reputed electronics devices provider TOA Corporation from Japan, well known for their high quality electronic devices.

saic TOA conference system

Specification of  Conference Systems

TOA Conference system are important part of meetings, conferences, seminars now. A conference system contains some microphone and loudspeakers with a single amplifier. Members of a seminar or meeting provided a microphone and speaker. The chairman or the monitor of the meeting is provided different microphone than the delegates with the power of controlling delegate’s microphones.

Our TOA conference system for sale offer brought to you TOA conference system with scalability, portability with best sound quality and our system can match every of our customers need’s. We have already provided conference system to many well-known places from our conference system for sale offer and become a trusted supplier.

We are currently providing two models in our conference systems for sale offer. One is smaller type conference system and another in large type.  Smaller type conference system supports up to six simultaneous speakers making it perfect for small meetings. This conference system support automatic time out function for controlling delegates speaking time. This conference system is also scalable. There is chairman unit’s microphone and delegate’s unit microphone which is not provided with this conference system can be added later.

The large type conference systems is TS-780. This TOA conference system can support a large indoor or outdoor conference. This is a plug and play system and supports 64 units at the single central unit. This conference system can also be extendable up to 192 units by connection of three central units. Test function of this conference system allows each unit to be verified accurately. This system also has feedback suppressor for suppressing acoustic and noisy feedbacks with external equalizing capabilities. This system has a stable and compact hardware design. This system is also provided with SD cards and external recording devices, so that the conversation can be recorded while it held. It eliminates the problem of taking notes while attending the conference. This system is also provided with a high quality chairman unit and high quality delegates units.

Both of this conference system is capable of providing a better experience. So, If you need a conference system purchase from our conference system for sale offer soon.