Industrial Eye Wash in Bangladesh

eye wash in bangladesh

industrial eye wash in bangladesh


Industrial Eye Wash is not at all new in product Bangladesh. Many industries already establish their own Eye Wash Station to comply the safety issue of their workforce.  For those of you that have already installed other protective measure for eye safety might get a completely different experience when you order Industrial Eye Wash. It’s a sophisticated up‐to‐date Eye Wash tool that rapidly relief injured ocular area by chemicals or particulate. It can give a feather touch rinse to an individual’s eyes to wash the injured areas. Steady water flow under varying pressures assured with automatic pressure compensation for 30‐90 PSI.



Industries that are interested about standardized their factory environment and workers’ safety issue can establish Industrial Eye Wash Section. This will reduce the medical cost and compensation budget of your factory. Beside this through setting separate Eye Wash Section you can easily convince foreign buyer for your products as it comply the international standard. This product certainly gives your workers a better assurance against sudden injury.  There are three model available, push lever operated, foot pedal operated and push lever operated‐wall mounted to serve your customized need. Among them push lever operated one is more convenient to use.

Benefits of Industrial Eye Wash

  • Its Easily portable tools
  • Durable, can serve long time
  • Environment friendly
  • It could clean eye germ within very short while
  • Low installation cost
  • Washing eyes workers find themselves quite fresh, which lead to more productive
  • Relief eye irritation

In the mean time many organizations in Bangladesh have already set up their Industrial Eye Wash section namely DIRD Group, S. J. Industrial (BD) Ltd, Palmal Group (Aswad Composite Mills Ltd.), Epyllion Group, Purbani Group, Mundipharma (Bangladesh) Pvt. Ltd., Pretty Group, F C I Group etc. All of these organizations are delightful for the good performance of Industrial Eye Wash Setting. It operate within 1 second or less and stays open till shut off intentionally keeping user’s hand free for cleaning eyes. Force required is less than 100 N.


The only real downside I’ve found to this Industrial Eye Wash is that, It must be installed at the same level of the workplace so that victim need not go up or down to reach the unit and also away from electrical & chemical installation which will be affected by water. Only potable water is recommended for Eye Wash. Don’t worry about potable water supply. 34 liters capacity potable convenient jar are available that can supply 15 minutes of decontaminating water flow. Small size with carrying handle makes it more convenient to transport.


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