SB Office HQ in Bangladesh

Special Branch (SB) Office HQ

The Bangladesh Police is the chief law enforcement organization of Bangladesh. Of its various branches and departments, the Special Branch (SB) is unique.

The Special Branch is the central intelligence agency of the country. It has a diverse history of success in this country, and even before the liberation of Bangladesh in its past forms. This branch of the Bangladesh Police works on all levels.

The Special Branch of Bangladesh Police is headed by the Additional Inspector General of Police(Addl. IGP). He is selected from the Bangladesh Police force and reports directly to the Prime Minister of Bangladesh.

He has several Deputy Inspector Generals(DIG) under him, of whom are more Special Superintendents(SS). The members are all selected from the Bangladesh Police as well.

They have offices in each and every district of the country, of which the Head Office is located at Malibagh, Dhaka.

The origins of the Special Branch of Police lie back in the days of British Rule in India. As politics and political institutions started to grow in the country, the British became eager to collect more and more political intelligence, thus appointing spies through the region in the different Thanas.

A collective organization named Central Special Branch was set up according to the Secretary of State’s order on December 22, 1887. Alongside this, all provincial police headquarters set up a Special Branch. Initially, the Central Special Branch only compiled the reports from the rural branches.

Later on, a small group of detectives was assigned to the Central Special Branch to facilitate the investigation and collection of intelligence regarding criminal organizations that spanned multiple provinces.

Eventually, the method of collecting information developed and the Special Branch was later remodeled according to the Bangladesh Police after the liberation of Bangladesh on December 16, 1971.

Since then, it has evolved into its present form, where it plays a vital role in the security of the nation and intelligence regarding all national and domestic matters.

The SB headquarters in Malibagh, Rajarbagh, Dhaka is a big complex. In order to facilitate their needs, Olefins has provided them with a sophisticated conference system complete with Amplifiers and microphones.

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FAQ About Special Branch (SB) Office:

[symple_accordion][symple_accordion_section title=”1. What does Immigration, Bangladesh Police do?“] Answer: The purpose of The Immigration service, Bangladesh Police is to provide immigration-related service and security to Bangladesh through the well managed entry and out of people. The immigration service is provided by Special Branch of Bangladesh Police. [/symple_accordion_section] [symple_accordion_section title=”2. Who needs registration?“] Answer: Only citizens of India and Pakistan who have 90 or more than 90 days visa need registration. [/symple_accordion_section] [symple_accordion_section title=”3. Who are exempted from registration?“] Answer: The following persons will be exempted from registration:
a) Diplomatic passport holders, their spouse, and children, servants and dependents,
b) Non-diplomatic staff of the Foreign mission,
c) Government officials,
d) Children under age of 16 years old [/symple_accordion_section] [symple_accordion_section title=”4. When I can do registration?“] Answer: Foreigner can register within seven days on arrival without any late fee. [/symple_accordion_section] [symple_accordion_section title=”5. Where I can do registration?“] Answer: Foreigner can register from the following places:
a) international airport,
b) immigration check-post or nearest DSB, CSB offices, and
c) SB Office, Malibagh, Dhaka. [/symple_accordion_section] [symple_accordion_section title=”6. Do I need any registration fee?“] Answer: Foreigners don’t need to pay any registration fee within 7 days on arrival. [/symple_accordion_section] [symple_accordion_section title=”7. How much late fee do I have to pay?“] Answer: Late registration fees of foreign nationals are as below:
(i) Taka 2000/- (Two thousand) after expiry of 7 days on arrival,
(ii) Taka 5000/- (Five thousand) after expiry of 15 days on arrival [/symple_accordion_section][symple_accordion_section title=”8. Do I need to inform if I move my temporary address?“] Answer: Yes, You need to inform registration officer if you change your address. [/symple_accordion_section] [symple_accordion_section title=”9. Do I need to inform if I move from the city?“] Answer: Yes, you need to inform registration officer if you spend more than seven days in another city/ district and again registration is required to the respective DSB/CSB office.[/symple_accordion_section][symple_accordion_section title=”10. Do I need to submit a travel document before leaving?“] Answer: Yes, you need to submit travel documents and to collect travel permit from the registration office. [/symple_accordion_section][/symple_accordion] [symple_divider style=”dashed” margin_top=”20″ margin_bottom=”20″] [symple_box color=”blue” fade_in=”false” float=”center” text_align=”left” width=””]SB Office Website: Click Here[/symple_box]


special branch office contact

Map Location of  Special Branch (SB) Office

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