Walkie Talkie Price in Bangladesh

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Buy Best Walkie Talkie Price in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh walkie talkie brands focus on a different function, there is not necessarily one “best” option for all users.

Some walkie talkie also with come with a hands-free operation that includes earbuds and a mic, while others may require purchasing headphones and other accessories separately.

Walkie talkies are a good way to keep in touch with family members and friends on trips, during outdoor activities, or even at home. Buying a walkie talkie from Olefins Trade Corporation brands is fast and easy.

About Price  

Now the big question is what about the price of walkie talkies in Bangladesh?

Follow the price range from this chirt.

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Our company (Olefines Trade Corporation) provides various brads.

Choose any one for your institution.

Walkie Talkie Price in Bangladesh

We provide a wide range of walkie talkies at the best price in Bangladesh.  To know the price contact us at any time.

Here are some of the best Walkie talkie popular brands in Bangladesh. You can choose anyone.

We , Olefine Trade Corporation, are BTRC enlisted vendor for SBR Walkie Talkie import and supply with a license.  Call our hotline for negotiation

01979 300-940, 01719300940 or 02-55020006

Our rich client list includes

Bangladesh railway,

Bangladesh Army,


Acme Laboratories Ltd,

Jann Composite Mills Ltd,

KA Design Ltd,

Sarah Resort,

Hotel De Crystal Crown,

Delta Medical College,

Park View Hospital Ltd,

Sena Kollyan Songstha,

Spring Trade Ltd,

System Engineering Ltd and many other companies.

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