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Full Body Emergency Shower with eye wash

Olefins Trade Corporation, the renowned supplier of emergency shower in Bangladesh industry, is continually delivering high quality product offering to its customers. We offer wide range of emergency safety showers which are both hand and foot operated. For immediate relief from burn and other similar injuries, these showers are best to have near the working areas.


Full Body Emergency Shower with eye wash

Why our Emergency Showers is Best?

The safety showers are especially designed to flush body and skin affected by burns. These showers come up with eyewash portion as well. We understand the need of workers because they don’t prefer to have a shower for eye injuries. The separate but attached eyewash portion allows workers to instantly wash their eyes and get relief. Every emergency shower at Olefins are ANSI compliant and capable of protecting workers from hazard chemical which can damage their body, skin and eye. The water comes out at reasonable pressure and volume from both eyewash and shower portion.


We are supplying multiple emergency showers depending upon the need of workforce. Currently we have Combination Shower, Stainless Steel Combination Shower and Decontamination Units. All models offer top quality protection. Each one of these has Atomizer Heads which deliver a soft, feather-like flow effect to the injured ocular area. It not only provides the instant relief but create a cushion on a burned area. Similarly, these showers have Receptor Bowl to protect workers from to serious damage from alkalies, salt solutions, oils, most acids. Importantly, there are no requirements for external water tanker as a water supplier. The internal tank is larger and supply sufficient, warm and potable water.


Stainless Steel Emergency shower-bd


Our emergency showers are best suited for every industry type. You can have these showers for a chemical industry, mining, oil refineries, laboratories; research and development institution or even in hospitals. These shower systems are so customized that you utilize them in every conditions. Following are the different models of emergency showers you can have at Olefins. Each product is explained with benefits and value added features. Study them in detail and if you need any assistance from our site. Feel free to contact at our telephone number. We will guide you in professional way and suggest you the shower which perfectly match your needs.


Check our Emergency Safety Shower and other safety equipment here.

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