Introduced UVEX Safety Glasses in Bangladesh

uvex safety glasses

Human eye is very sensitive that even a small particle of dust can cause it badly. This affect increases significantly higher when you are in hazard industrial environment. For example, the intense lights during welding can damage the retina and cause blindness. Olefins Trade Corporation provides a complete range of eye protection safety glasses which gives you high quality protection for eyes and its surrounding skin.

uvex safety glasses

We are supplying eye protection safety glasses to all leading industries of Bangladesh for years. These eye protection glasses are very lightweight and made up of plastics with polycarbonate lenses which protect you from intense lighting. Polycarbonate is light and shatter-resistant, making it the best material for impact protection. Additionally, these glasses are covered from all side and ensure quality protection to eyes. For labor who are working in chemical, oil refinery or other similar industries where the usage of acid, caustic and hydrocate is very high. We deliver modern fully covered eye shield designed glasses with antifog lenses ensure the maximum protection of worker

High quality Safety Glasses

Eye Protection safety glasses by Olefins ensures that specification are permanent. We deliver you only those products which meet the standards and do not depreciated like eye protection products of other suppliers in Bangladesh. The manufacturer of these protection goggles and safety glasses is Uxev which is a well-known brand for manufacturing and selling of protection glasses. These products meet the international standards of safety such as ISO 9001:2008 and certified with OHRIS/LV 21 work safety management system.


Currently, we are offering you two eye protection products such as UVEX ultrasonic 9302 Protection Glass (goggles) and UVEX Ultra – Spec 2001 wielding protection safety glasses. Both these products are designed to block intense ultraviolet and laser rays. The lightweight material and non-irritating material gives exceptional wearable comfort. Please read in detail about the specs and value added features of both products before buying. If you are not sure which one to buy, then don’t hesitate to call us at our given numbers. Olefin’s customer service team we will be more than happy to assist you.

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