Eye Protection Glass

Olefins provide high quality Eye Protection Glass in Bangladesh. The human eye is sensitive to intense light because it damages the retina and can even blind the individual. There are many different types of eye protection against light suited for different applications. Eyeshields, also called safety Protection Glass or spectacles not only provide protection against flying debris and chemical splashes but may also protect against visible and near visible light or radiation from UV rays. Lightweight frames are typically made from plastic with polycarbonate lenses. Polycarbonate is light and shatter-resistant, making it the best material for impact protection. Modern eyeshield design offer antislip nose bridges, antifog lenses and coatings making them resistant to acids, caustics and hydrocarbons. All our safety spectacles and Protection Glass (goggles) protect the eyes from a number of hazards and are available with a selection of coatings, lens types and accessories.


unicare uee-186



Wrap around protective eyeware combining fashion,

Fit and function,

Adjustable temple length with soft nose bridge,

Anti scratch and fog coated lens on both sides,

Made in India




Stylish over spectacle offering integral & lateral protection,

Heavy duty inclination system-allow in a Pantascopic adjustment,

Anti scratch and anti fog coating

Made in India

unicare uee 171

Brand: Unicare

Wide vision goggle designed to give optimum fit to all facial contours,

Fits over almost all prescription eyeware,

Wrap around modern style provides excellent panoramic vision,

Anti scratch and anti for coated lens on both sides,

Made in India



uvex ultrasonic Protection Glass dhaka

uvex ultrasonic 9302 Protection Glass (goggles)

Pioneering full vision safety Protection Glass (goggles) with exceptional wearer comfort. The combination of two different materials (hard/soft components) means that pressure never becomes a problem, even after long periods of wear. The soft flexible component adapts to individual face curvature, providing complete side protection even over prescription spectacles. The outstanding ventilation ensures a pleasant non-irritating interior environment. Further key features of this top safety goggle include sporty design, panorama field of vision and easy lens replacement.

 Benefits overview
  • Wide-vision safety goggles with exceptional wearer comfort
  • Combines hard and soft components which adapt to the wearer’s face creating soft, effective seal around the eyes
  • uvex supravision lens coating technology – anti-fog on the inside of the lens, scratch resistant on the outside, permanent – won’t wash off
  • Wide fully adjustable, high quality head strap offers pressure-free fit, even when worn for extended periods
  • Comprehensive side protection around the eye area, even when worn over prescription spectacles
  • Indirect ventilation ensures pleasant comfortable interior environment
  • Sporty safety goggle design with wide panoramic field of vision
  • Lens replacement possible
  • Soft materials aid compatibility with respirators and other items of PPE
  • Can be worn over most prescription spectacles
  • Welding protection model 9302.043/045:
    welding protection with fold-up, easily replaceable filters featuring new filter technology for perfect colour recognition and protection against UV and IR radiation
  • CR model 9302.500:
    autoclavable wide-vision goggles with anti-fog coating for use in laboratories, clinics, cleanrooms and food manufacturing: autoclavable safety eyewear with anti-fog coating – specially designed for repeated autoclave sterilisation


A new generation of welding protection Protection Glass i.e eyewear available with different grey-tint lenses and various protection classes. The innovative technology affords protection from UV and infrared light while maintaining perfect colour recognition in accordance with EN 172. Professional welding, high protection. Ideal to wear over prescription safety. Fold-filter, minimum baking of welding sparks. Easily replaceable filter. Easy combination with other PPE products. New filter technology. Perfect color perception. Protection Glass from UV and IR radiation.


• Fully adjustable safety spectacles

• 5 different side arm positions and precise lens inclination

• Lens and frame made from high impact-resistant plastic

• Excellent field of vision

• Frosted sidesprotect against glare

• Individually adjustable

• Lens replacement possible

Also available

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