Eye wash in Bangladesh now!


Who could deny the values of eyes? Undoubtedly Eyes are the most valuable asset for human being. Could anyone imagine without eye leading his or her daily life? The is certainly “NO”. Perhaps it would be the great distress if we lose our eyesight for only because negligence.

Eye Wash & Safety Shower

Importance of Eye wash

Admittedly, the vulnerability of eye sight problem is widely predominant among the workers in different factory outlets, and which has been deteriorating day by day. Most probably, we could see the major eye problems that are occurred through foreign particles in the vicinity of factory area where Eye wash is needed. Different genre of detrimental sources: chemical, polluted waters, burning coals are mostly responsible leading this incident incessantly. Unfortunately, significant measures yet not been taken because of the short coming of scientific measures and tools.


This is the first time in Bangladesh; we have brought a magically outstanding product which will protect our eyes especially those who work long time in the factory. This product is quite common in rich and developed countries, howbeit, now we could enjoy the benefit as it is going to available through our agent all over Bangladesh.

Have a look the beneficiary world class Unicare Eye Wash we could have by installing in our factory or office.

  • Easily portable
  • We offer competitive price to our customer
  • Available in our agent all over the country
  • Once you installed, it will serve long time
  • Environment friendly
  • We provide warranty service
  • It could clean any germ within a very short while
  • As per experience the establishment expenses are quite low


  • After having washing eyes workers find themselves quite fresh, consequently, they get encouraged to work more.
  • Hassel free gadgets
  • It gives relief from irritation
  • Protects eyes from further contamination


The number of benefits has ameliorated its demand in entire world. In Bangladesh, different kind of industries has been improving its standards gradually by setting Eye wash but steadily. They have been maintaining various kinds of international standards. Occupational Healthy Safety is an inevitable issue nowadays. And to comply such kind of condition, scientific and environment friendly product possess unprecedented value. Thus our product will certainly find you a better solution in your factory or office location where workers are embarked in their work.


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