Olefins Trade Corporation also works to keep your equipment in production and in safe operating condition. Therefore, we also provide repair & maintenance service to our clients by our trained personnel’s to keep your equipment running.

Repair & maintenance

If you need routine service and maintenance for keeping equipment safe and running at highest performance, we are perfect for that. It will help you to avoid downtime. So it is easy to save valuable resources. You know that well, machine downtime can affect on your work environment and production level too.


We Like to Offer You Maintenance Service That Have:


■ We have trained and expert technicians to maintain your equipment

■ Our maintenance team will keep all of your equipment humming.

■ We will provide you On Site Inspection Report after observing your equipment in every time. Both before and after start maintenance.

■ Repair and optimize of hardware are also included in our maintenance service.

■ We also can help you in per-incident repair.

■ You are allowed to deal with us for long-term maintenance.

■ We also assistance for re-setup your equipment.


Olefins offers a wide range of maintenance services to meet your production requirements. You can easily improve your equipment performance and subordinate your costs by reducing downtime by taking our maintenance service.