What is walkie-talkie?

Walkie-talkie is known as a handheld transceiver. It’s very user-friendly in close communication and also very simple to carry because it’s a tiny portable device. We are leading walkie talkie supplier in Bangladesh.

pmrWalkie-talkies spread to public security and eventually commercial and job site work. A public security Company must often abide by a specific frequency allocation because of its rules and privacy. Once time driver is flown away after any bad incident, criminals skedaddle at a glance, saw the sudden fire in the factory. Nowadays walkie-talkie is rapidly using in traffic sector, defense sector, industrial sector and others. Walkie –talkie makes traffic communication very easy and reduced cost also. The defense sector is easily communicating in any mission and industrial areas distance is also decreased by walkie-talkie. Now Bangladesh is going to concern about public security and walkie-talkie is a device which enable to help us in this goal.


Olefins introduced world class Walkie talkie in Bangladesh. Olefins also Provide others international brand like Motocom, which made in Taiwan and Baofeng which is China.

People always feel safe at home.


It’s also mandatory to feel same outside at home. Safety and Security are always mandatory. Thinking about safety and security scientists were made some innovative products. A walkie-talkie is one of those products. Truly and surely it’s interrelated with our security system. The city has come in security net and close communication is very easy nowadays. Now security staffs are advised from long distance which is very lengthy before some year ago. Walkie-talkies are mainly radios that both receive and transmit a radio signal. These two-way radios have both advantages and limitations. Their main advantage is that they are not dependent of a central network, like cell phones. They are still limited, since you can only talk with the people connected to the same channel, and a walkie-talkie’s coverage is dependent on range. Walkie-talkies are push-to-talk, which means that you have to press a button to transmit your signal. Commercial types of walkie-talkies usually have two frequencies: FRS and GMRS. Channels 1 through 7 is shared by both frequencies, channels 8 through 14 are FRS-only, and channels 15 through 22 are specific to GMRS. If you’re in a channel, you only receive the signal and listen to anyone talking on the channel at the moment. There is no charge in walkie-talkie communication system. That’s why you can communicate freely in your frequency. In the use of walkie-talkie, the license is mandatory. Though some unethical people or company desperately neglecting the law and misuses the device. So when you go to buy walkie-talkie, at first, be concern about the license. Because, we know everywhere has some unethical people. Despite them, ethical people are always more.

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