Turnstile Gate Introduced in Bangladesh

turnstile gate in bangladesh

A turnstile is a form of a gate that allows only one person to pass through it at a time; it ensures one way traffic of people. Some turnstiles are designed in a way that it doesn’t let people pass unless a ticket, coin or something similar is inserted into it.

Implementation of turnstile gate:

  1. Restricting people from entering a venue.
  2. Increase security.
  3. Restricts the entry of people without a valid entry pass, or without paying the fare.
  4. Crowd control in times of emergency.
  5. Keeping count of people entering or leaving a venue.

Where turntile gate use?

  • Those places where have restriction on entering the general people.
  • In the large market/shopping mall entrnce.
  • In the gate of stadium so nobody can’t enjoy the sports without tickets.
  • In many gov. and non-gov. organization.

Turnstiles come in four types:

  • Waist high – mainly used in amusement parks, when a ticket is inserted, a bar-code is read from it, if access is granted, a sensor determines the rotation speed of the motor that turns the gate and allows the person to pass.
  • Drop arm optical – mainly used for security purpose, if access is granted the arms fall back into a space in the cabinet, and then it works like a fully optical turnstile.
  • Optical– these are used where physical barrier is not required; it uses infrared beams to count the number of people passing through it, and can immediately detect any unauthorized entry.
  • Full height – this provides optimal security since no one can jump over it, there are two types of full height turnstile, one type allows rotation in both direction, while the other allows people to pass in one direction only.

Benefits of using turnstile gates over conventional doors:

  1. Improved security
  2. Access control integration
  3. Operational flexibility.
  4. Fits in perfectly in corporate settings.
  5. Available in various types and sizes.

The only disadvantage includes its relatively high maintenance cost compared to traditional mechanical alternatives. Turnstiles are not new in Bangladesh, but they are not widely used, some can be spotted in the airports, amusement parks, and offices unlike other countries where these can be spotted almost everywhere ranging from railway stations to supermarkets.

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