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If you are looking for the best quality fingerprint biometric access control system at low price; we can help you. We olefins provide world’s leading RFID-based, Wifi access control device now in Bangladesh. Offering you ViRDI, ZKTeco Anviz, SOYAL, HUNDURE, SUPREMA and many more top brands time attendance and access control devices.

What is Access Control System?

Access control system is a method to restrict or control access to a particular place. This is usually done by multiples types of machines that use many methods together or separately to detect the presence of an individual and decide to whether allow or reject access to the person. This gathering control systems in Bangladesh are widely used.

How does it work?

Almost all types of access control systems have a few things in common. It includes a method of taking a person’s identity using personal credentials; then this data is sent to a central processing system, where there is a list of identifiable data regarding individuals who are permitted to enter. The incoming data is cross-referenced with this list, and if it matches any person, then a command goes back to the machine which tells it to allow the person access by opening a gate or entry point.

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Types of Access Control System

Radio Frequency Identification or RFID is a modern access control system. It includes a small tag or chip which can store data and transmits it when near the RFID reader.

Biometric Fingerprint is another traditional identification method. A person puts finger or palm on a scanner. The scanner takes a copy of the individual’s fingerprints and uses it to confirm or deny access.

Face recognition has been utilized for a long time for access control. A machine scans a person’s face, and the most prominent features are used for identification.

Time attendance system uses a special card of every unique person. In this system, time of entering and exiting is also recorded which can be further processed in other areas.

RMG garments factory, Hospital, Bank, University, Corporate office and any working floor is suitable for these access control devices.

Some Key feature of these devices are,

  • RF card (Smart Card)
  • Finger and PIN control system
  • Wifi Control
  • Voice Control systems

How can ensure security using Access Control

This control methods can actively track who has entered, left and how much time they have spent in a particular area. So, any organization can easily deny access to any unwanted people. The entry and exit time data can help to monitor unwanted hazards and find the people responsible in any such case.

Check below individual brands and Model Specification.

ViRDI – World’s most used access control systems

virdi access control bd logo

ViRDI is a brand of the technology company UNION COMMUNITY. It was founded in 2000 and since then, it has provided high-quality face and fingerprint control systems to businesses and industries around the world. Olefins have brought their fingerprint and time attendance machines to Bangladesh. Check these virdi security products for details specification:

Virdi Access Control

Anviz – Fastest growing access control manufacturer

anviz access control bd logo

Anviz has 11 years of R&D expertise in engineering and manufacturing biometric technology products and owns more than 500 intellectual properties in software, hardware, style & design.

Anviz created and developed a self-intelligent, multi-biometric verification algorithm named BioNANO. Incorporating fingerprint, facial, iris and vein recognition in one core application, BioNANO has excelled over other competitors to become the world’s most efficient and stable identification algorithm. Our constant R&D enhancements in multi-biometric and RFID technology continue to lead the industry in identification and security. The BioNANO Algorithm is used daily by 60 million people all over the world. Anviz technology products and applications already span the globe and will continue to grow through our commitment and valued partners.

Anviz Access Control

ZKTeco – Most cheap Access Control

zkteco access comtrol bd

ZKTeco is another Chinese company that makes top-quality biometric identification and time attendance systems. The company started its research in 1985 and since then has grown to become one of the leading biometric solutions over the world. They have a multitude of products that use very in-depth biometrics for superior security.

ZKTeco Access Control

Suprema – Global leader of Biometric Technology


Suprema is one of the first renowned Korean brands for access solutions. Its sales network covers more than 133 countries. Olefins imports their products and has become one of the biggest security systems providers in Bangladesh.

Suprema Access Control


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