HTDZ HT-6600 Central Control Unit


  • The central unit of the digital conference system can support 60 units delegate and chairman microphone and can be lengthy to support 250 units microphone with the extension power unit.
  • It is comprised of four groups of 8P-DIN interfaces for system linking.
    It has a monitor loudspeaker.
  • It offers system support discuss mode: Free mode, FIFO mode, FIFO mode (1-9), Limit mode (1-9).
  • The system working mode can display on LCD.
  • It has support video camera auto-track with video processor HT-8008.
  • It offers support voting with the voting processor HT-8000.
  • Connection: pcs 13m main cable with 8PIN plugs
  • 8PIN socket for system connection.
  • Planned accordance with ISO and IEC914 standards.