Worker Safety products in Bangladesh

worker safety


Human life is the most precious thing in this world. However, it’s a bitter truth that when it comes to worker’s life the value of human’s life decreases significantly. According to International Labor Organization, “Every 15 seconds, a worker dies from a work-related accident or disease. Every 15 seconds, 160 workers have a work-related accident.” In Bangladesh these stats are not different then rest of the world. In 2013, the 1,127 people were died in a garment factory collapsed due to fire. It was one of the biggest incident in the country ever happened.


Why Worker Safety is Important?

It is the responsibility of the owners to give protection and ensure worker’s safety during work. Several procedures like availability of fire extinguishers in every room/office, emergency exit gates, safety notes etc should be taken to ensure safety. Around 90% of such incidents happen due to fire. The major reasons are short circuit or use of low quality products in hazard worker environment. The short circuit can be minimized through proper and secure wiring. While on the other hand, for low quality products there is only one solution which is to provide high quality and certified products to workers.

At Olefin’s, we understand the importance of worker safety. That is why we are supplying products of world’s best brands in Bangladesh. Olefins Trade Corporation has the special arrangement of different types of heavy and traditional industrial safety equipment in Bangladesh. We are leading suppliers of Eye wash, Safety Shower, Portable Eye Wash and Safety glass and others safety equipment. Our all safety equipment has Environmental Compliance Approval certification like CE certified, UL certified, BIS certified, tested to ANSI and EN specs and follow the government instructions.

Ultimately, workers are the key pillars in the growth and success of our country. It is the life of those valuable persons of our society which needs protection and safety during work. We care for workers and our every safety products meets the international standards. We highly recommend our customers to read and verify the quality of our product before buying. That is why we have provided a detail specification as well as the brochure of each product. You can download and review the product in detail. However, if you need any sort of further assistance regarding worker safety feel free to contact with us.

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