TOA Sound System Products in Bangladesh

We, Olefins Trade Corporation, provide TOA Sound System Products in Bangladesh. If you need please make a phone call.

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What is TOA Sound System?

TOA Corporation is a big producer of PA systems, professional sound systems and commercial communications systems.

With their motto “Smiles for the Public”, TOA designs and manufactures sound and security systems for all walks of life. Where for daily use, corporate purposes, public services or disaster prevention, TOA sound department has designed multitudes of products that help people out tremendously.

But why use TOA Sound products?

TOA has a long reputation of providing people with proper sound systems for all their uses. Their high-quality products are backed up their installation and regular maintenance schedules which ensures these products keep up their full functionality through their lifespan.

Along with the production of regular use systems, TOA keeps an eye out for the future, constantly developing new and advanced products for the next generation. Use of new materials rather than the conventional to reduce wastage and improve efficiency and performance is regularly being tested.

TOA’s production system is highly efficient, outputting high-quality products. Their production line consists of different workstations, comprised of several workers each, which completes the entire assembly process of their designated product.

Thus, they have achieved a significantly higher product precision and lower waste. In recognition of their establishment of a total quality control system, TOA sound products have received certification under ISO9001 international standards.

Also, their production is environment-friendly causing less waste and harm to the environment. As such, they have also received certification under ISO14001 international standards. The quality and performance of TOA’s products, therefore, show uncountable excellence.

TOA has a complete line-up of PA and professional sound systems. These include microphones, amplifiers, speakers, megaphones, background music facilities, emergency & general purpose PA systems, automatic announcement systems, conference systems, etc. (TOA Sound System)

They also provide digital mixing systems, and stage and theater sound systems. TOA does full installation of these products as well according to the customers’ needs. Whether it be for household use or for a big public venue, TOA ensures proper functionality of their products.

Notable public places and venues like the Wimbledon Tennis Court in U.K., National Convention Hall of Yokohama, Yale-NUS College in the U.S.A., Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building and Cartoon Network Amazone, all use TOA products as their key sound systems.

Trains in Washington D.C., U.S.A. use TOA products as well. TOA has provided excellent and reliable sound and PA systems all over the world for decades, and it continues to hold on to its reputation through consistency in the product quality and performance. The adaptability and diversity of their products make TOA a go-to for all purposes of sound and PA systems.

Olefins Trade Corporation proudly introduced toa sound products in Bangladesh. Check the product page and let us know your requirements or request price quote. (TOA Sound System)

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