You can also take our services. Olefins Trade Corporation is ready to serve you related to Sound System, Compliance Items, Industrial Safety, IT Equipment, Electronics and other equivalent sector setup and maintenance. To take our service you do not have to buy products from us. You are also allowed to deal with us at any stage of service related to our business.

Why need Our Service

■ We always work hard to give you a perfect solution to your equipment.

■ We have specialist for every section we do business with you.

■ If you need any recovery service, we are ready to serve you.

■ We are able to work on your equipment, although it has International Setupment.

■ You will find our service cost that fit into your budget.

■ We will charge additionally if you want to take our service after purchasing products from us.


We like to serve you with our best effort and ensure Maximum satisfaction. We give guarantee for our service as like our quality products.