Whether you are planning or already have equipments that need installation process Olefins Trade Corporation is there for you to provide installation services. Our experts in every specific field are ready to help you with your equipment and the installation process. Our expert and certified engineer are always ready to provide services e.g installation, replacing old equipment, upgrading your system to improve or enhance the performance with minimal cost and time-frame to keep your process smooth and trouble free.


Installation at a Look

We actually work with Sound System, Compliance Items, Industrial Safety, IT Equipment, Electronics Equipment and other equivalent sector, but we are capable to serve you more than our listed service. We like to engage specific expert related to your equipment to ensure proper installation process.

We have the both ability and the work force to solve your software and hardware related problem. Although we have specific brand products, but we are happy to work with your preferred suppliers or brands.

If a piece of your equipment is going to break within a few days or use, then we have the option of Hot Testing by our engineers.

If you feel that you don’t have to engage any specific expert, but need advice or any type of consultancy then we are ready to meet with our experts to provide you a guideline.

If you need just a proper plan of installation, then we are ready to make plans for you to ensure the optimum productivity and top efficiency.

Our experts will configure your equipment’s with reduced time and disruption to your business. We will configure your equipment as like “Plug and Play” as possible.

At Olefins Trade Corporation, we work closely with all of our customers to understand the needs of their business and business requirement. And serve them the best with our equipment and service.