Olefins Trade Corporation knows that without proper consultation, it is not possible to embark a new project or make a decision to buy new equipment or to set them. It is to grow your system, grow your business and every on-going task. For long run you have no alternative without a proper plan and guideline that works just like a navigator for your business. We understand your necessity for ensuring that your equipments need to meet all the requirements.

Why need our Consultancy?

We are ready to guide you in the proper way to choose proper equipment, to do proper task and well set up of your equipment. Because Olefins Trade Corporation has an expert team to support you.


■ Our expert team consisted of specialists are perfect and experienced at providing proper advice and strategy.

■ Experts will give you both short and long term planning what you need.

■ Advice and guidance will be given on both an existing and proposed Equipment purchase or setup process.

■ We will measure your required equipment and utilization in a proper way.

■ Olefins Trade Corporation will provide you the necessary documentation if needed.

■  You will able to take our consultancy within your budget.

■ Cost reduction approaches will be suggested by our experts.

■ Already we served many companies including multinational companies.

After taking our consultancy service you will able to know about your position and future steps, how to think that and how to do that.

We decorated all of our services to meet the every needs of each business related to the equipment. You will find Olefins Trade Corporation always beside you.