How to Make a Video Wall

Video Wall is a multi-monitor setup that consists of multiple video Projectors, computer monitors, television sets tiled together overlapped in order to form one large screen.

In video wall screen generally designed for use in video wall usually, have narrow bezels.


Why need video wall?

If you have a company which you want to control to stay a room, you need video wall .

There is a lot of video wall in Dhaka city.

Sometimes Video Walls are found in controls room, stadiums, or any others large public venues like airports, playgrounds etc.

We, Olefines Trade Corporation, install video wall.

We supply video wall throughout the country and specialist in video wall sectors.

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Now we have solution and products as follow:

1. Display Cloud Platform

2. Full color  or Single color  or Dual color

3.Live Telecast

4. Massage Display

5. Big Screen Television

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