Spill Containment for Environmental Safety

Spills of chemicals, oils, fuels, sewage etc can affect large areas of land, coast, sea underlying plant and animal ecosystem when these substances are released to groundwater, rivers, lakes or streams. Spills are also hazardous to human health. Risks that are caused by spills can be reduced to a great extent by using the appropriate spill control products and procedures. Olefins Trade Corporation is a leading supplier of spill control products of Bangladesh.

What is spill Containment 

Uncontrolled release of a substance such as chemicals, oils, fuels, sewage adequate in size and nature to present a threat to the environment and / or people are known as spill.

Bangladesh is at high risk of damage in instances of oil and chemical spills. The 2014 Sundarbans oil spill is notable reminder of such threats. If spillages remain uncontrolled and harmful consequences occur then severe penalties can be issued to businesses.

Spill control can minimize the risk

Risks that are caused by spills not only to people and the environment but also on your businesses can be reduced to a great extent by using the appropriate spill control products and procedures. Spill containment is an eco-friendly solution to prevent accidental or purposeful hazards caused by spills.

Spill control and our Government Policy

An action plan has already been developed by The Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) under the patronage of Government of Bangladesh which states that a safety specialist will ensure that the spill location and initial containment site are safe for workers. This Officer also advised the On-Scene Commander of any special safety requirements and ensures that all work is conducted in a safe manner.

Spill containment products

Olefins Trade Corporation is a leading supplier of spill control products of Bangladesh. We offer a wide range of spill control products from ENPAC. ENPAC is working for three decades to protect environment from harmful chemicals by providing quality spill containment products at affordable price.

Spill Kits:

Hazardous chemicals have a chance to release harmful pollutants into the environment and affect the surrounding areas. Spills need to be cleaned up rapidly and efficiently. A Spill Kit is efficient cleanup kit,  has been designed for use in the cleanup effort.For any spill, Olefins has a kit that will suit your needs, or you can ask for a custom one to suit your needs. Rules concerning what need to be contained in a spill kit can vary depending on the site, but in general, you could expect at least the following to be present:

  • Biohazard bags
  • Disinfectants
  • Respirators or masks
  • Gloves
  • Eye protection
  • Shoe covers
  • Sharps containers and/or tools used in picking up broken glass or/and sharp objects
  • Absorbent material specifically designed for handling the type of hazard on site.


Poly-Dolly is a two-wheel, multi-functional dispensing station that acts as its own secondary containment to enhance productivity. With a patented enclosed sump, ergonomic design, rolled-grip handles for easy tipping, dispensing operations are easier than ever before.

  • Transports and dispenses drums up to 55-gallons
  • Enclosed sump allow for transport after a spill occurs
  • Generous 70-gallon spill capacity meets all regulations
  • Ergonomic design allows just about anyone to use the dolly with ease
  • Drain plug included to empty the sump
  • Will not rust or corrode
  • All Terrain Dolly available
  • Tarp available to prevent rainwater intrusion

Why Enpac Spill Containment

– The world’s largest, most comprehensive spill prevention and containment product range

– Quality products backed by nearly two decades of experience in delivering performance and best value

– Fully integrated design and manufacturing committed to delivering product fit, form and functions

with all the right features and benefits you need

Spill Containment bangladesh
Following features is available:

  1. Transports 55 gallon drums with ease
  2. Tilts to become an efficient
  3. Self-dispensing station
  4. Acts as its own secondary containment unit
  5. Tough polyethylene construction, cannot rust or corrode
  6. Hold up to 600 lbs to cover most applications
  7. Load Bearing Capacity UDL: 600lbs. / 273kg
  8. Sump Capacity: 80gal. / 303kg
  9. Approvals:Meets EPA40 CFR 264.175, SPCC and NPDES regulations
  1. Secondary containment system
  2. Load Bearing Capacity UDL: 6000lbs. / 2722kg
  3. Sump Capacity: 66gals./ 250liters
  4. Approvals:Meets EPA40 CFR 264.175, SPCC and NPDES regulations
  1. Accommodates any two cylinders, each up to 12” in diameter including
  2. class 300 SCF industrial gas cylinders and No. 5 acetylene cylinders
  3. Load Bearing Capacity UDL: 500lbs / 227kg
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