Roti Mate – The Ultimate Roti Maker

Olefins Trade Corporation introduced first time in Bangladesh Roti Mate, The Ultimate Ruti Making Machine. It was build by fully domestic engineering and materials. Some of this machines features is unique , which can’t find in imported foreign Machine.


Features of the Roti Mate:

1. Showing picture massage for cleaning, monthly and yearly maintenance.

2. Machine can be run in Manual Speed. Can check the number of Roti makes by the Machine.

3.  Show Real Time Machine Speed.

4. Light inside the machine for working on Night.

5. Use more safety & warning alarm for better security. It will reduce machine damages.

6. Machine steering, maintenance, recipe & problem’s solution can be found on Machine Touch screen.

7. Roti counting, power on/off, total production can found on screen.

8. Highly improved GAS Section.

9. Press sizes improved. Now can make 8 inch Roti. Temperature can be adjust.

roti mate maker

Download Manual of Ultimate Rote-Mate Here.

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