Portable Meeting Amplifier

Nowadays portable electronics equipment is very popular in world wide. So we providing different type of portable meeting amplifier as per our clients demand. Compact and lightweight portable amplifiers with built-in speakers for voice reinforcement and low-level music playback for small meetings. Options are available to incorporate a cassette player, CD Payer, USB, SD card supported and radio-microphone receivers into the units to make an all-in-one solution.

Specification of Portable Meeting Amplifier

portable meeting amplifier

The TOA WA-1822 is a portable meeting amplifier that can accept up to two optional wireless tuner modules (WTU-4800, WTU-3800) of UHF and VHF high band.

* 0 dB = 1 V
Power Source 230 V AC
Dry cells-8 pcs. (R20P or D size)
Power Consumption AC: 44 W (rated output)
Rated Output AC: 20 W (Max. 40 W with EXT SP.)
DC: 8 W
Battery Life Dry cell battery: Approx. 12 hours
Frequency Response 70 Hz- 10 kHz (deviation 3 dB)
Distortion Under 10 % (rated output)
Input Wired mic: -48 dB*
AUX: -20 dB*
Output External speaker: 8 – 16 Ω/over 20 W of rated input
” “Internal speaker and external speaker”or”external speaker only
Line/Rec: -10 dB*
S/N Ratio Over 70 dB (rated output)
Antenna Rod antenna
Internal Speaker 20 cm full range speaker + tweeter
Operation Temperature AC: -10 ℃ to +50 ℃
DC: 0 ℃ to +40 ℃
Finish ABS resin
Dimensions 298 (W) × 460 (H) × 200 (D) mm
Weight 6 kg
Accessory Power cord (2 m) …1



The TOA WA-Z100SD Portable Meeting Amplifier offers reliable performance and simplicity of operation. This portable sound system is equipped with an audio music player that allows music to be played from CD, USB or SD/MMC card. For speech use, this unit has the option of installing up to two UHF wireless receivers to be used with optional wireless handheld or belt pack with lavaliere microphone. This Portable Meeting Amplifier Also included are cabled line level and microphone inputs.

Product Specification

  • Speaker 10 inch woofer & 1 inch dome tweeter,
  • Output Power 70W (RMS) / 100W (MAX) (Class-D Amplifier)
  • Receiver Module UHF PLL non-diversity receiver module (up to 2 pcs of optional receivers) with 16 user selectable channels
  • Transmitter 16 channel handheld or belt pack with tie clip mic. Accepts rechargeable batteries (2 x AA) Built in charging compartment
  • Function
    • CD Player;
    • USB (support up to 32GB);
    • SD/MMC card (support up to 32GB);
    • Mic input x 2 (phone jack x 1, combination XLR & phone jack x 1);
    • Line input (RCA x 1 or phone jack x 1);
    • Digital echo system
  • Operating Time Average 3-9hrs (depending on volume)
  • Power Supply 100-240V (90-264V) switching power supply or batteries
  • Charging Time 12V/5Ah (2pcs) Lead acid battery: 6-8hrs,
  • Dimension 560 (H) x 330 (W) x 290 (D) mm
  • Weight 16.5kg

boway 730

  • Brand: BOWAY
  • Made in China
  • Dual-channel receiver
  • Built-in FM, USB, SD and MMC function
Microphone 2 (Two) Wireless Microphone
Frequency band VHF
Receiver type RC: Non-Diversity(WTU-212)
Receiving mode Quartz controlled fixed frequency
Power output 200W
Frequency response 60~15KHz (±3 dB)
Frequency stability ±0.005%
Modulation mode FM (F3E)
T.H.D. ≦1%
S/N Ratio -50 dB (at 1 W output)
Preamplifier output 0 dB 600Ω
Carrier frequency range Rated 100~240 V AC  50 / 60 Hz
Input MIC 1~2: -52±2 dB 600Ω; AUX:1 -20±2 dB 500KΩ
Battery DC 12V Lead acid battery
Features FM/USB/SD/MMC
Control Bass and Treble Volume Control
Optional Trolley type stand and wheel