Portable Eye Wash


Olefins introduced portable Eye Wash in Bangladesh. Self Contained unit provides 15 minutes of decontaminating water flow. 34 liters capacity for easier transport. Small compact size with carrying handle making it more convenient for portability and transport. Chemical Resistant high density polyethylene material. Large filling cap for easy filling, cleaning and inspection.

Eye wash Product Description:

The Eye wash is activated by simply pulling the retractable tray. Retractable tray protects against air borne contaminants. High visibility colors provide quicker identification for the victim in distress. Translucent Green container indicates water level. Mounted on bracket supplied that easily bolts to wall. You can check other types eye wash also.


Emergency Eye Wash Bottle




Permits immediate flushing for the crucial first few seconds of an eye injury by flushing the eyes in the event of an accident involving acids, caustics and other water-soluble irritants. The Eye cup is specially designed to give the eye as much water as possible without unnecessary spills, while also helping to keep the eye open. The snap-on dust cover prevents air borne contamination. The drain tube provided removes all used fluid preventing the contamination fluid from entering into the bottle. Portable, light-weight, easy-to-use at any work place.

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