Plena Matrix

PLENA matrix – Surprisingly flexible. Powerful control.

Flexible and powerful, the PLENA matrix is all about superior audio performance in an easy-to-use contemporary package.


Flexibility meets performance

The advanced features of the PLENA matrix Digital Sound System enable users to achieve superb audio performance with wireless control across up to eight output zones. With audio quality tailored for a wide range of applications — including live music, business music, high-demand speech environments and zone announcement — the PLENA matrix System delivers full featured digital audio control, with maximum flexibility and reliability.

Wireless control across multiple zones

Specially designed for versatility and ease of use, the PLENA matrix System enables users to control the audio settings and adjust volume levels wirelessly via an iPad or iPhone app.

The PLM 8M8 PLENA matrix 8-channel DSP Matrix Processor, the heart and soul of the PLENA matrix System, provides complete control over the audio configuration and signal processing. Users can simply walk into a particular zone and confidently match the audio quality to specific requirements — from live and background music to high demand speech environments.

Proven, future-proof innovation for cost savings

Innovative design and economical advantages go hand in hand in the PLENA matrix System. The PLENA matrix Class D Power Amplifiers feature an Auto Standby mode that — when activated by Bosch motion sensors in output zones that are unoccupied — helps to generate cost savings of up to 80% as compared with standard amplifiers. And by reducing overall power consumption, the environmental impact is significantly reduced.


Straightforward setup and configuration

With its single-cable approach, PLENA matrix enables efficient and quick system setup. The ‘Amp link’ feature and daisy chaining of call stations and wall panels, dramatically reduces installation costs.

Wireless control via IOS mobile devices

Wireless control via the iOS app on an iPad, iPod or iPhone is integrated for both the DSP processor and amplifiers. The user need simply select a particular zone or channel to adjust the mix levels and master volume. The app provides freedom of movement for the operator and flexibility when choosing operating panel location during installation.

Powerful digital signal processing

A PC software graphic user interface that is designed around the needs of the installer and end-user. Although straightforward and easy to understand, the amplifier and processor DSP feature set is more powerful than competing alternative solutions. The software allows for the easy upload of pre-stored scene settings and can also be password protected.

Superior sound quality

Maximum audio control ensures premium sound. Input controls include multi-band equalizing, gain control, and dynamic range compression on each input. Output control includes multi-band equalizing, filtering, dynamic range compression, delay, and limiting, plus the ability to mix several inputs for up to eight outputs in real time.

Intelligent energy management

Intelligent and environmentally friendly, Bosch motion detectors enhance amplifiers with a smart “Auto-Standby” mode when zones are inactive. This reduces both power consumption and operating expenses while increasing amplifier life.

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