PAVIRO Public Address

PAVIRO Public Address & Voice Evacuation, with Professional Sound Quality: Flexibility right from the start.

Keeping people
informed, secure, entertained

With more than 100 years of experience in the design and development of electro acoustic technology, Bosch is an established leader in Public Address and Evacuation Systems. It is also world renowned for its commitment to superior technology, stylish design, and ease-of-use. Moreover, the latest powerful example of this commitment is the PAVIRO Public Address and Voice Evacuation System with Professional Sound Quality.

For small to medium-size applications
PAVIRO is a unique, high-quality Public Address and EN54-certifi ed Voice Evacuation System that also delivers professional quality sound, thanks to its premium 24-bit digital processor, superior digital-to-analog converters, and outstanding Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR). Its highly adaptable system architecture makes it ideal for small- to mid-sized offices, regional airports, mid-sized hotels, factories, schools, and department stores.

Thanks to its powerful range of features, PAVIRO not only answers an extremely wide variety of application requirements, it also delivers best-inclass performance in quality, ease of installation, and versatility. At the same time, it minimizes operational costs thanks to low energy consumption and fewer batteries.

  • Lowest power consumption of any system in this class
  • Extreme flexibility: the system can accept architecture changes at any stage during installation and provide a wide range of announcement/music combinations
  • Fast, easy and complete set-up – both ‘Basic’ and ‘Expert’ configurations
  • Professional sound quality

Flexibility for
specifiers and installers

Fast, efficient specification: With PAVIRO, specifying a complete system is remarkably quick and simple – just a few parameters are needed to design a system. This means consultants can serve more clients and substantially increase turnover.

Build a complete architecture: PAVIRO offers both “Basic” and “Expert” configuration modes. The basic configuration is a wizard which provides a step-by-step configuration guide. Using this wizard, a basic system can be programmed within 30 minutes versus conventional systems that can take hours or days. The Expert mode is based on the powerful IRIS-Net software which provides almost unlimited system design flexibility, perfect for optimising configurations in more complex applications.