Metal Detector

A metal detector is an electronic security gadget that can detect the presence of metal near it. They are very useful devices and are used all around the world for various the purposes, from security inspections and finding buried metal to hospital equipment like MRI machines.

How metal detector works?

Metal detectors work mainly using the principles of electro-magnetism. Metal detectors have coils of wire inside them. Electricity flows through these coils to create a magnetic field. When metal comes near this magnetic field, the metal detector can sense the interruption. So it creates a loud noise, which is usually a beeping sound, to alert the user that there is a metallic object nearby.

Types of Metal Detector

There are many kinds of metal detector found around the world. Although the basic principle is same, different types of metal detectors are found, each being made to suit a particular kind of need. These are;

  • Hand-held metal detectors
  • Walk through metal detectors

Each of these uses a different implementation of the core metal detecting concept to fulfill their purpose. Some of the leading brands of metal detectors are Elektral, ESCOS and Garret. Handheld metal detectors are usually sold at around Tk. 2000 in Bangladesh. Archway metal detectors of various models can be found. These companies offer different specifications to meet the quality and economic needs. The price of archway metal detectors in Bangladesh ranges from Tk. 50,000 to Tk. 100,000 and sometimes even more. Olefins Trade Corporation provides expert solutions for all kinds of metal detectors to meet your security needs.. Our products are:

Hand Held Metal Detector
Walk-Through Metal Detectors

We offer metal detectors of different models and types from the leading, reputed companies in the world.  Along with the other security products like access control systems or turnstile gates, the consumers receive many extra services like maintenance, installation, etc. Olefins offer the best prices for this high-end equipment to let the customer verify and test the functionality and use of the items before buying.

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Uses of Metal Detector

One unique and widespread use of metal detectors is in security. Almost all sorts of metal detectors are used all around the world to ensure the safety. Nearly all firearms and explosives contain at least trace amounts of metal in them. So, metal detectors can actively help in preventing entry of such disastrous objects into building complexes, hotels, resorts, offices and any other place that needs protection. Almost all modern security systems include one or more implementations of metal detectors.

Archway metal detectors are an essential part of this process. These are special archways that allow only one person to pass at a time. When any person or object passes through it, the archway can detect any metal on it. Archway metal detectors are usually made very powerful. Their sensitivity can be adjusted to either be able to detect only large metal objects or detect even the metal on belts and cloth hooks. So walk through metal detectors are very useful for security purposes.

Why should you buy our Metal Detector from us?

Surely, you want to purchase only the best security metal detectors at an affordable price. There are many options to choose from. So understanding the key features of a reliable security metal detector will be essential.

If you are looking for purchasing a walk-through metal detector, your primary concern is its detection capability. The system has to be capable of sensing mixed alloys, magnetic and non-magnetic alloys for superior detection. It should adhere to the highest standards in terms of weapons detection. And of course, a high end detection system is useless if it takes forever to install, so ease of use is a must.

For security purposes, security metal detectors need to be equipped with technology that will allow you to determine what kind of metal is going through your establishment and if so, how many. And while metal detecting is critical you need to make sure it can discriminate between metals and personal effects. A detector that cannot distinguish between the two can cause delays and frustration, on your part as well as your customers, so test the system before deciding to buy it.