Guard Tour System

People nowadays are becoming more dependent on technology. From Home to Factory protection, we deploy security guards, CCTV, Access Control & other surveillance systems. Find trained & expert security guard is one of the most challenging tasks for an organization. Security is disruptive in many factories/areas despite having many security guards not to do duty properly. To ensure the Guard’s responsibility, Olefins Trade Corporation introduces the JWM GPS RFID Real-Time Guard Tour System in Bangladesh. No Matter in the building or open space, you can track guards patrolling in real-time & support playback.


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Model WM-5000P5+ WM5000L5
Size 150mm×78mm×18.5mm
weight 260g
weight 260g
Color Yellow Yellow
IP Rate IP67 IP67
Operating Temperature -40℃~+85℃ -40℃~+85℃
Reading Mode GPS location and RFID tag reading
GPS locating accuracy ≤10m
RFID tag: 125Khz
3cm-5cm reading distance
RFID 125 KHz
Reading distance 3cm -5cm
Communication GPRS/GSM/USB USB , (CP2102 , USB2.0) upload data
15000 pieces per min
GPRS real time data transmission
Battery Rated voltage: 3.7V
Rated capacity: 2000Amh
Dimension: 69mm×41mm×6.3mm
Rated voltage: 3.7V
Rated capacity: 2000Amh
Dimension: 69mm×41mm×6.3mm
Battry Life 1. 28hours (send data per 70 seconds)
2. 15hours (send data per 10 seconds)
1. ≥30days(device turned on, but doesn’t register with GPRS network
2. ≥4days(500 readings and transfer per day)
3. ≥16hours(continually sending data )
Data Storage 16Mbit flash, 60,000 pieces 16Mbit flash, 15,000 pieces
Prompt Vibration with Colorful LED Flash Vibration with Colorful LED light. Red, Green, Blue, White.
Tag ID number 1. 8 bit Hexadecimal number in reader (4 byte), and 10 bit decimalism number in the software.
2. Can be expanded to 10 bit Hexadecimal number ( 5 byte ).
1.8 bit Hexadecimal number in reader (4 byte ), and 10 bit decimalism number in the software.
2.Can be expanded to 10 bit Hexadecimal number (5 byte ).
Tag Guard ID tag
36mm*28mm*6mm 3.8g
Orange Checkpoint
76mm*56mm*10mm 19g

Cylinder Glass Tag
Ф6.6mm×27.7 mm 1.7g
Round checkpoint tag
Ф30mm*4mm 2.8g

Noctilucent checkpoint
76mm*56mm*10mm 19g

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Dimension 144mm × 47mm × 30mm
Weight 200g
Storage Capacity 16Mbit flash, 60,000 pieces
Battery 3.7V/880mAh rechargeable lithium batteries
IP Rating IP67
Operating Temperature -40℃~+85℃
Reading Mode RFID 125KHz
Reading distance 3cm – 5cm
Communication Pogo pin USB(Drive-Free),15000 record uploading/min
Battery Life 1. Reading 1 record/sec, for 40 hours using.
2. Reading 500 record/day, for 30 days using.
Prompt Vibration with Colorful LED light(Red/ Green/ Blue)
Tag ID number 1. A 8-bit hexadecimal number (4 bytes) in the reader. A 10-digit decimal number in software.
2. Can be expanded to 10-bit hexadecimal number (5 bytes).
Φ16mm ×5mm
Guard ID button
Guard ID Button
Event Wallet
130mm × 80mm

Event Wallet
Event wallet are designed to hold the signal cards (RFID tags) that has been pre-identified the number of the cards by the reader first, and then name those cards by different events which usually happens during the patrol at certain checkpoints(for example, like door open, power off, ect.) by the software.

Military component:
Silicon tank, metal body with rubber shell outside, super durable, IP67 Pogo pin USB connector, high download speed Non-contacting reading of RFID tag Sabotage absorbent, resistant to electrical shock Super storage capacity 4Mb Flash, 60000 records.

System Components
Orange checkpoint Tag
Cylinder Glass Tag
Round Black Tag
Guard ID tag
3.Event wallet
4.USB cable

Can be used in any severe environment working life more than 20 years working frequency 125Khz,

Desk Version, Client Server version, Browser Server version.
Multi-language, complete patrol setup, humanized patrol schedule, perfect patrol report with various statistical analysis.


Strong Body

Stainless steel body with rubber shell out side, no screws outside. The strong is not only the outside.

Classic touching system

Touching way of button reading, with led flash for reading confirmation. 14 years to be consistent from beginning to end.

All for customers

Superior suppliers provide us the most reliable quality. We only provide you the less service to keep your maximal profit.

Download Station

You can download data from the reader by downloading station. Easy and convenient.

One Battery for One Year

Eagle E2 use Panasonic CR123A battery , one time use makes your guard control more easier and more effective. Low power consumption design, that makes you change the battery once per year.

Efficient Management

The software provide every report you want. That makes your management more efficient.

Easy Operation

Only five steps, makes your installation easily.

Monitor Anytime

 Voice Call 3G RFID make your management more timely.

Scene Reappearance

5-megapixel photos record the scene clearly.

Keep Innovating

Magnetic USB design, which is the best so far.

Firm as Steel

The fourth generation Gorilla Glass protects its screen.

Witness Three Proofing

IP 67, lower after sales

Focus on Details

HD LED characters display, makes the application more clear.

Intelligence and Practical

Impact records, pedometer, compass, a flashlight, make the application more intelligent.

One-key SOS

Sudden incident, One-key SOS. No delay.

MAN-DOWN function

 Notification of threats to the life of the user

Easy Operation

 Only five steps, makes your installation easily.

Efficient Management

The software provide every report you want.
That makes your management more efficient.

Control Anytime

The perfect fusion of 3G/GPRS and RFID. Just for safe and timely.

Unique Design

The safety yellow and strong gray. The tight wrap of silicon. Those make Lancer 5 more reliable.

Such Humanized Operation

Four Color LED prompt combines with vibration. That makes your operation so easily.

Can Be So Smart

SOS low power prompt. That makes the abrupt incident
be quickly resolved.

Perfect Details

Gold plated contact USB design, so that every detail of the guarantee of L5 quality.

 The Fusion of Map and Software

Check the patrol situation and SOS location. That makes your management easier.