DIS Conference System in Bangladesh

DIS conference system now SHURE conference system. Danish Interpretation Systems is part of SHURE. DIS is Denmark brand and SHURE is USA brand. We can offer best price for DIS conference system in Bangladesh.

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DIS conference system

  • Standard discussion unit for chairmen, delegates or interpreters
  • Fully digital audio transmission
  • Daisy chain topology with loop through connections or star topology using junction boxes
  • DCS-LAN connection by use of CAT 5e (or higher) F/UTP or U/FTP cabling
  • Maximum 250 discussion units per system
  • Support for 4 microphone operation modes; Automatic, FIFO, Manual and VOX (voice activation)
  • Scrambled audio to prevent eavesdropping
  • Support for delegate interrupt ability modes enabling ‘ping pong’ mode
  • Auto off of microphones
  • Lockable XLR gooseneck microphone connector
  • 1 high-quality loudspeaker
  • 1 headphone connector with volume control supporting the floor channel
  • Microphone and function (all delegates off/mute) buttons
  • Exchangeable button overlay for changing the button labels to other languages and other functionality
  • Optional use of cable clamp to fix the DCS-LAN loop through cables

The DC 5980 P is a fully digital portable conference unit that can be configured either as a chairman, delegate or interpreter unit. By default, the unit is configured as a delegate unit but the button overlay is changeable to match the desired functionality.

Reconfiguration is easily done in just a matter of seconds and the unit will keep its configuration even if it is used in another DDS 5900 system.

Depending on the configuration the left button changes functionality. Supports chairman configuration “Del. Off’ that allows the chairman to switch off all active delegate microphones.

The delegate and interpreter configuration support ‘Mute’ functionality that allows the user to temporarily mute his/her active microphone while the mute button is pressed down. The delegate configuration can also be changed to omit the ‘Mute’ functionality so the delegate only has a ‘Speak’ button.

The ‘Speak’ button enables the user to activate/deactivate the microphone. The floor channel is distributed through the built-in loudspeaker except when the microphone is active. By connecting headphones the user can listen to the floor channel or one of the 2 interpretation channels. Headphone volume can be adjusted with the volume buttons.

Interpreters will always listen to the floor channel in the headphones and can select the outgoing channel for interpretation.

A gooseneck microphone (GM 59xx or GM 6xxx) can be inserted in the lockable XLR socket. The lock is accessible from a small hole beside the XLR socket with a 1.5 mm hex key. Turning the hex key counterclockwise locks the gooseneck microphone and turning the hex key clockwise unlocks the gooseneck microphone from the unit.


DDS 5900 Digital Discussion System

conference system in bangladesh

The DDS 5900 Digital Discussion System enables meeting participants to hear each other clearly, across the room or across the country. A choice of portable or permanently-installed discussion units combine the microphone, loudspeaker, interpretation audio, and user controls in an integrated system.

  • Delivers consistent sound quality everywhere in the room, regardless of room size or acoustic conditions
  • Can be expanded to accommodate up to 250 users
  • Allows for simultaneous interpretation of two additional languages
  • Setup/control the system using your tablet, PC, or third-party room control system


The DDS 5900 Digital Discussion System is an all-in-one sound system that gives every participant their own microphone and loudspeaker, for clear sound in any size room. It easily connects to your video conferencing system or recording equipment, and even allows for simultaneous translation when multi-lingual meetings take place.

The DDS 5900 combines the microphone, loudspeaker, interpretation audio, and user controls in an integrated system. Now with a choice of both permanently-installed flush-mount and portable discussion units, the DDS 5900 is equally at home in historic buildings and contemporary meeting spaces. It’s the ideal all-in-one audio solution for:

  • Corporate meeting rooms
  • City councils and regional government bodies
  • Educational institutions
  • Courtrooms
  • Non-profit organizations


  • Fully digital audio transmission
  • Expandable up to 250 discussion units (with additional equipment)
  • 2 language interpretation channels
  • Analog audio inputs and outputs for connection to videoconferencing system or external audio equipment
  • Support for 4 microphone operation modes: Automatic, First-In/First-Out, Manual and VOX (Voice activation)
  • Components ‘daisy-chain’ together with shielded CAT 5e cabling
  • Control the system with tablet or PC through web browser interface or with a third-party room control system

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