Bosch dicentis conference system introduces a new wireless conference system that makes conferences smoother, more enjoyable and more productive than ever before.

Choice of devices
The Wireless Device and Wireless Device Extended with capacitive touch-screen and built-in Near Field Communication (NFC) Reader enable a superb meeting experience. The functionality of the touch-screen devices can easily be enhanced through software modules.

True Wireless connectivity
True Wireless connectivity enables direct connection to the Wireless Access Point with any tablet or laptop and without the need for additional equipment, such as a router.

Maximum flexibility. Zero audio interference.
The innovative DICENTIS Wireless Conference System uses state-of-the-art technologies, standard Wi-Fi and smart wireless management to ensure interference-free wireless conferencing. Designed to be the most flexible discussion system available, it enables quick and easy set-up and breakdown of small meetings and larger conferences.


Being OMNEO-ready, the DICENTIS Wireless Conference System can be expanded in the future with DCN multimedia systems and other OMNEO devices, resulting in a future-proof solution.

  • Standard Wi-Fi technology for co-existence with other Wi-Fi networks.
  • Smart Wireless Management to ensure interference-free wireless conferencing.
  • Touch-screen Wireless Devices with built-in NFC reader for a superb
    meeting experience and future expandability.
  • True Wireless connectivity for easy configuration and control, without the need
    for an additional router.
  • OMNEO ready for future expansion with DCN multimedia systems.