Wireless Conference System

We supply wireless conference system known as wireless discussion system. Wireless Conference system is very easy system for any type of audio conference system. We offer best price for wireless conference system. We have long record for supply conference system. We present AIRCOM brand conference system in Bangladesh. If you want to buy conference system … Read more

How to Make a Video Wall

video wall

Video Wall is a multi-monitor setup that consists of multiple video Projectors, computer monitors, television sets tiled together overlapped in order to form one large screen. In video wall screen generally designed for use in video wall usually, have narrow bezels. Why need video wall? If you have a company which you want to control to stay a … Read more

DIS Conference System in Bangladesh

DIS conference system now SHURE conference system. Danish Interpretation Systems is part of SHURE. DIS is Denmark brand and SHURE is USA brand. We can offer best price for DIS conference system in Bangladesh. Somebody want to know about best video conference system price in Bangladesh, TOA  conference system price in Bangladesh, or video conference equipment … Read more

BXB Conference System in Bangladesh

bxb conference system

Get best price for BXB Conference System in Bangladesh. We are top supplier of conference system in Bangladesh. If you need BXB Conference system price quotation please knock us at 01979-300-940. BXB control unit EDC-1051, BXB delegate unit EDC-1012, BXB Chairman Unit EDC-1011. We have many more client of conference system.   BXB conference system also … Read more

Ahuja Amplifire Price in Bangladesh

Ahuja Amplifier very popular in Bangladesh. Ahuja sound system has two type amplifier Mixer amplifier and power amplifier. Ahuja amplifier has Low wattage pa amplifier, Medium wattage, and high wattage pa amplifier. To know more visit Ahuja web site.  Somebody also wants to know about Professional sound system price in Bangladesh, Ahuja pa system price in … Read more

Ahuja Column Speaker price in Bangladesh

ahuja conference system

Best Ahuja Column Speaker  We supply various type of  AHUJA column speaker in  Bangladeshi market with best price. Ahuja sound system is very  popular in Bangladesh. we, olefines Trade Corporation, are Ahuja dealer in Bangladesh. We also provide Ahuja microphone in Bangladesh. We offering different model column speaker for our client.  In Bangladesh Ahuja, brand … Read more

Ahuja Conference Systems price list


Ahuja Conference Systems We offer best price for AHUJA conference system. To buy AHUJA brand sound system or Ahuja conference system please inform your requirement we will offer our best price. AHUJA is an Indian brand and top-selling sound system brand in Bangladesh. Somebody also finds Ahuja conference system pdf, Ahuja talkback system and Ahuja … Read more

Best HTDZ Digital Conference System

We are presenting various type multifunctional digital conference system or discussion system. HTDZ offer best price. The multipurpose digital conference system of the HTDZ HT-6600 series allows the consumer to make a choice among a big set of microphone panels which have various design and various functions.   Best HTDZ Digital Conference System On the basis … Read more

HTDZ Conference System Price in Bangladesh

We offer best price free install in Bangladesh HTDZ Conference System, We are the top supplier of all type HTDZ product in Bangladesh. HTDZ is Chinese Brand.  In the Bangladeshi market, this brand conference system is very popular for reasonable price. Olefins have done many conference system project like Chittagong Polytechnic Institute, Faridpur Technical Training … Read more

Two way counter communication system

We supply Two way counter communication system. Microcomputer-controlled circuit that thoroughly avoids echo and squeal problem. Adopts high-powered microphone, with elegant appearance. Voice is lifelike and clear. The volume of master station and substation can be adjusted separately. Easy-installed: there is only one wire connecting between master station and substation.

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