BOSCH Sound System in Bangladesh

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Bosch Sound system

What is BOSCH Sound System?

Bosch Sound product manufacturing group is a top-tier supplier of Energy and building technology, industrial technology, and consumer goods across the globe.

They have a broad range of quality products and services that provide the solution to our day-to-day problems. Their motto is “rely on us” and they keep true to their word with their broad spectrum of reliable goods and services.

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Why Bosch Sound Products?

With more than 60 years of professionalism in designing and producing communication devices, bosch sound manufacturer have mastered what it takes to make the most useful and handy public address and voice alarm system.

A PA or Public Address system is an electronic sound amplifier and distributor which can be used to make announcements in places where sound pollution is at its peak.

This device consists of a microphone, amplifier, and loudspeakers. These devices mainly used in railway stations, offices, schools or any large building where the loud sound is required so that it is still audible over all the noise. It is also used in places where announcements are made, like stadiums, museums, and other public venues.

They are an integral part of any modern building, public, and household alike. These systems play a significant role in security too, ensuring the family safety of millions of people around the world.

Bosch offers several types of public address and voice alarm system:

Bosch Praesidio – It is often the first choice of their customers due to its excellent sound quality and easy operation. It is entirely digital and perfect for professionals as it meets all their requirements.

In this line-up there are network controllers, call servers, power systems, amplifiers, call station clients and other customers and hardware for other operations.

Also available are peripherals such as network controllers, fiber interfaces, supervision setups, and battery chargers, accessories like network connectors, cutting appliances, couplers, key covers and monitoring board brackets, and also emergency power systems.

• Bosch Plena & Paviro – This line-up is focused more on smaller locations, focusing mainly on ease of use and versatility.

The PAVIRO line is mostly small scale and comprises of voice alarm systems including call station systems, routers, controllers, amplifiers, switches, and end-of-line boards.

The Plena line is more wide-scale focused and consists of additional devices like All-In-One units, multi-user call stations, loop systems, and message managing systems. It also has systems for home use, like intercom systems and other accessories.

Bosch also offers full-scale customer support. They have service centers in many locations that offer proper technical support and assistance with their products.

Bosch also hosts training classes that allow users to directly learn from the specialists about the various Bosch products to learn about their usage so they can fulfill their purpose with proper equipment from Bosch and have in-depth knowledge of the products they are using.

We at Olefins believe that our customers deserve only the best of products, we are authorized resellers of Bosch products, and we, therefore, would highly recommend Bosch public address systems for your workplaces to maximize productivity and security.

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